In our society today, we seem to have successfully engineered out the need to move and use our bodies the way our bodies have been adapted to move. Therefore, in order to develop and/or maintain a healthy body, we must now manufacture, research and seek opportunities to move the way we, as humans, are meant to move. A healthy body is one that is free enough to respond appropriately to any given situation and not just react or over react, which causes or leads to injury and pain.

The education, the understanding of why and how to move leads us to physical self connection and ultimately to physical self confidence in any situation, from surviving a set of stairs without a knee flaring up to playing with our children without hurting our back to performing handstands and back flips. When we put this education into a comprehensive movement practice, instead of a mere β€œworkout,” we are cultivating resilience. If we agree that the body, the mind, and the breath are all one, then we can agree that they must all have the same principles. If you learn to become more resilient with your body, then you will have all you need to become more resilient overall!