Hi, I'm Mike St. Laurence.


I've always loved to stay active and play sports.

Eventually, I developed back pain which seemed to get worse and worse. I followed the typical clinical path(Dr->PT->Chiro->Ortho) seeking relief and tried every back pain gadget and tried every guru's advice imaginable. While some things seemed to help nothing worked.

I became obsessed and spent the past 15+ years understanding what it would take to not only eliminate back pain, but how we can transform that pain into the power that literally moves us!

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Mike’s background as an engineer informs his analytical approach to movement and to problem solving. Mike is dedicated to teaching his students how to cultivate a comprehensive movement practice to achieve physical self-awareness and general well-being.


Movement education, through quality and control of physical movement, pulls from many methods and disciplines, such as yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts, sports and fitness training, to research and understand the true principles of appropriately and efficiently moving one’s body and being in touch or mindful of the relationship between the body, mind and breath.


His expertise in movement development has inspired many, students as well as teachers and instructors, to expand their understanding of their preferred discipline. These principles are relevant to everyone and will always be relevant.


Don't try this with back pain..


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